Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Auto Body Repair in Bergen County NJ

Autо Bоdу Rераіr еntаіlѕ rераіrіng аnd рrореrlу mаtсhіng the раіnt оn vehicle bоdіеѕ, rераіrіng vehicle frames, аnd understanding mесhаnісаl аnd еlесtrоnіс ѕуѕtеmѕ. Bergen County NJ is a busy place and unfortunately, accidents can and do happen on its many busy roads. It's important to understand what to look for when you need Auto Body Repair in Bergen County NJ

It іѕ essential to care fоr our vеhісlеѕ рrореrlу. Yоu should rеgulаrlу ѕсhеdulе mаіntеnаnсе аnd take саrе of rераіrѕ рrоmрtlу. If уоu gоt ѕісk оr brоkе a bоnе, you would gо tо a dосtоr оr ѕресіаlіѕt tо get you feeling bеttеr. So, іf уоur vehicle іѕ in nееd оf repair, уоu should take it tо a rераіr specialist.

Before Auto Body Repair in Bergen County, NJ

Simply tаkіng your vehicle tо just аnуоnе or trуіng tо rераіr іt yourself is not an optimal ѕоlutіоn. Sure уоu саn trу to complete auto body repairs уоurѕеlf, but іt comes with a lot of time and effort for what might not be professional quality wоrk. It іѕ іmроrtаnt thаt thе rераіrs are done right аnd thаt a ԛuаlіtу job іѕ dоnе tо рrеѕеrvе the саr аnd keep іt lооkіng great fоr a lоng tіmе. Thеrе аrе mаnу kinds of аutо bоdу damage thаt, іf not rераіrеd in a timely fashion, wіll lead to mоrе аutо bоdу damage down the road, whісh means even mоnеу оut оf уоur росkеt. Also, if they аrе nоt соmрlеtеd correctly, thеу саn аlѕо lead to more damage.
After Auto Body Repair in Bergen County, NJ

A qualified ѕресіаlіѕt іn thе аutо body rераіr shops, like Village Auto Body, have received extensive training trаіnіng before асtuаllу wоrkіng іn a rераіr ѕhор. In mоѕt саѕеѕ, thеу аrе ѕtіll rесеіvіng оngоіng trаіnіng frоm thеіr соmраnу оr an оutѕіdе ѕоurсе. Thеу аrе professionals іn thеіr fіеld. Thеу аrе continually іmрrоvіng thеіr ѕkіllѕ and techniques. Also, it іѕ thеіr job tо repair vеhісlеѕ auto body, ѕо they hаvе hаd plenty of орроrtunіtіеѕ tо реrfоrm the rераіrѕ аnd bесоmе mаѕtеrѕ оf thе trade. Thеу also know and use thе lаtеѕt tесhnоlоgу аnd ѕkіllѕ. They knоw what wіll wоrk fоr еасh auto bоdу repair аnd саn fully complete the job.

Whеn уоu tаkе уоur vehicle tо аn аutо bоdу ѕhор for rераіr, thеrе аrе a fеw thіngѕ thаt wіll happen. First, thеу will assess your vеhісlеѕ аutо body damage. Thеу wіll rесоmmеnd rераіr services fоr уоur vehicle and gіvе уоu a рrісе ԛuоtе аnd a tіmе frаmе fоr thе jоb tо bе completed. Some rераіr ѕhорѕ wіll give уоu thіѕ еѕtіmаtе for free. You mау ask tо ѕее examples of the wоrk thеу produce tо ѕее that thеіr ԛuаlіtу of wоrk іѕ acceptable for you. Thеn thеу wіll schedule a tіmе tо brіng your vеhісlе іn fоr thе rераіrѕ if уоu so choose. They may gіvе you a rеntаl, оr уоu mау need tо get a rental іf уоu nееd. They wіll соmрlеtе thе wоrk and rеturn уоur vеhісlе to уоu. The best раrt іѕ thеу will return уоur vehicle tо you lооkіng like new!

Sо, if уоur vеhісlе іѕ in nееd оf аutо bоdу rераіr in Bergen County, NJ be ѕurе tо take іt tо аn аutо bоdу rераіr ѕресіаlіѕt like Village Auto Body. Thеу will rеаllу get уоur vehicle lооkіng grеаt аnd kеер іt protected fоr a long time.

To get a free quote for Auto Body Repair in Bergen County, NJ call Village Auto Body at (201) 251-9195.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Auto Painting in Bergen County NJ

Everyone takes pride in their cars, whether it be a new or used one. No matter how much you try, sometimes the exterior to your vehicle is exposed to risk of scratches and dents. Of course, more severe accidents can bring more extensive damages to the exterior of your vehicle as well. If the collateral damages aren't as dramatic but your paint job is ruined, you should consider getting auto painting in Bergen County NJ.

Auto painting requires the expertise and careful touch of a professional auto body painter. Village Auto Body's auto painting specialists can assist in bringing back the former color to your vehicle. 

Auto Painting in Bergen County NJ
At Village Auto Body, we have provided 25 years of quality and exceptional auto painting service to many NJ residents in Bergen County. With our auto body painting service, we focus on your cars entire exterior surface including the hood, trunk and doors. 

Auto painting is a complex task, which is why with the knowledge and years of experience our auto specialists at Village Auto Body have, we can get the job done correctly and effortlessly. Here are the many benefits you can gain from the help of our professionals at Village Auto Body:

Operating with the Right Equipment

The professional touch of an auto painter is only as good as the tools used to complete the task. We use state-of-the-art equipment for all our auto painting in Bergen County NJ. If one were to try and attempt at handling their auto painting themselves, there is a very large chance they could be left with errors to application and texture.

Correct Paint Color 

This is the key reason for why people should get professional help from auto paint specialists, like Village Auto Body. When you go for an auto painting, you need to be sure that the color painted over those scratches and dents, matches the exact color of your vehicle. Otherwise, you'll find yourself with a mix-matched mess. There's nothing more embarrassing than having a mix-matched vehicle . Our auto body painters are well aware of what it takes to get the correct color for your auto painting. 

Customized Color Services

Most vehicles come in plain, simple colors. If you would like, you don't have to stay with one specific color. In this day and age, the younger generation tend to go for more expressive and lively colors for their cars. If you would like a customized pattern for your auto painting in Bergen County NJ, our auto painters can make your vision a reality. 

In the end, your satisfaction is our top priority. We work hard to give you the auto body repaint job you desire. Don't let your vehicle lose its shine because of nasty scratches and dents! 

To learn more about our auto painting in Bergen County NJ or to inquire about our other services at Village Auto Body, contact us at (201) 251-9195/

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Auto Body Repair in Bergen County NJ

There is no doubt that getting into an accident is an unpleasant experience, no matter if it's a big or small one. We are left in the awakening of a bad memory and a dented, beat up car. Accidents are unpredictable and can occur at any time. If you have recently experienced an accident, it's important that you get your vehicle an auto body repair in Bergen County NJ.

Village Auto Body offers a variety of options for auto body repair in Bergen County NJ. We have provided helpful and efficient auto body repair services for over 30 years. We have qualified and experienced technicians that are here to give your vehicle the repair it needs.
Auto Body Repair in Bergen County NJ

Here are a few benefits of bringing your vehicle to Village Auto Body...

Initial Check 

Our technicians will review your vehicle and assess whether the damages are just cosmetic or if there are other components to your car that suffered heavy damages from the accident. If your collision wasn't as bad, it might just be an easy cosmetic fix that we can have done in no time. However it's best to get an initial check because you don't want a bigger issue to present itself later on.

Rare Part Replacement 

Replacing damaged parts is occasionally difficult due to parts being discontinued. Our expert technicians can help you acquire those parts at an affordable price. We want you to be as stress free as possible throughout your auto body repair in Bergen County NJ.


Village Auto Body's technicians work promptly the second your vehicle is brought to our shop. Depending on the damages made to your vehicle, we can have back to new in a short period of time.

If you aren't able to drive your vehicle to our shop, that's no problem. Village Auto Body offers towing services. We are accredited an A+ by the Better Business Bureau. You'll expect nothing less than quality and exceptional auto body repair in Bergen County NJ.

If you would like more information about auto body repair in Bergen County NJ or want to know more about our services at Village Auto Body, contact us at (201) 251-9195.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Auto Painting in Bergen County, NJ

No matter how much care you exhibit while on road or off-road; your car vehicle cannot totally escape scratches and dents. The fact that the exterior part of your car is exposed to a lot of objects and unwanted accidents is one major factor that you need when considering auto painting in Bergen county, NJ

Auto Painting in Bergen County, NJ 
Today, it is not in the habit of most car owners to care about the exterior dents and scratches of their car; however, leaving dents and scratches for a while could lead to more damage in the future. One prominent way to deal with this two agents and give your car a new look is to opt for a professional auto painting mechanic.

Auto painting focuses on both the entire car body painting and specific body parts such as the hood, trunk and doors of the car. However, the complexity of the task makes it important to search and require the service of reputable auto paint shop. There are many benefits associated when hiring our professionals at Village Auto Body, here are a few. 

Application of Right Tools and Equipment
The outcome of a work done by a professional is always distinct from the work done by an inexperienced company or using a DIY approach. Apart from the professional touch; the modern tools and equipment used by our professionals are specially designed to give you a great result on your vehicle. Hiring a professional will save you a lot of money of purchasing and operating the equipment. The only thing you need to do is to tell them your preferred color and it will come out the way you wanted.   

Right Type of Paint
With the varieties of paint in the market nowadays; choosing a good paint for your painting can be a complicated adventure. However, at our professional auto paint shop is in a great position to help you avert the expenses of purchasing a substandard or wrong paint as we know the rudiment of the various paints we have in the market. We have the knowledge to select the right paint that suits your tastes and preferences as well as the model of your car.

Right Color Choice
Professional auto paint shop has all it takes to create and mix different types of colors. Regardless of your car color, they work across a wide range of color selection using their equipment and skilled personnel to give the exact color customer demands. Concealing scratches on your car won't be a problem as we have paint matching skills to cover them out. 

Provision of Customized Services
There are thousands of plain colors from which people could opt from when it comes to auto painting. However, this seems to be an outdated practice among the younger generation nowadays; they prefer going for a customized service. Car customized services are the type of auto paint mostly sought after by younger car users because of unique, adorable and superb look it adds to a car.

The equipment employed when going for this service is able to customize the color and the car general appearance to fit your specifications. Factors put into consideration when opting for a particular design in this service include bumper, handles, wheels, and car model.

A way to give your car a new touch of class is give it to a professional auto paint job from Village Auto Body when the need arises. 

To learn more about our auto painting in Bergen county, NJ, please call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our car painting experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bumper Repair in Bergen County, NJ

Looking for a place to repair or replace your bumper depends upon how serious the damage is. If it's a minor dent, scratch or crack you can go to your nearest bumper repair shop to get it fixed. Minor dents are easily repairable and don't cost much. But if the damage is huge, you should make the decision of choosing the car repair wisely. The whole process includes removing the old bumper, replacing it with a new one and finishing with painting it to match the car's color. It's not like you can buy or get cars repaired every day, so you need to get it right just the first time. At Village Auto Body, we know that you want excellent car for you car, but with so many shops that provide bumper repair in Bergen county, NJ, it can be hard to choose one. 

Bumper Repair in Bergen County, NJ 
We've compiled a some reasons to choose us for bumper repair in Bergen county NJ

Experience and reputation
When you’re giving the responsibility of your car to someone, it is important for you to know that they are experienced enough to carry out the job well. As a business that has been around for 31 years, we have many experienced technicians who have made quality repairs on hundreds of cars. To stay in business we have to have customers new and old coming back, and that's exactly what we have done. 

Quality of service
Bumper Repair in Bergen County, NJ 
It becomes extremely inconvenient for a person when their car needs a repair. They have to look for an alternate source of transportation and put some of their errands. So naturally, anyone would like to go for the company that has the quickest and most efficient service. The sooner you get your car back, good as new, the better it is for both us and for you . Fast service is not all, the equipment and paints used must be of a superior quality so no one can ever make out your car got hit. We value your time and money and ensure quick and quality service. 

Located in Ridgewood, NJ, we have been serving people from all over Bergen county for decades.

Obviously, we take prices into consideration first. Nobody wants to be overcharged, especially for the repair work. We are transparent with our prices, so that you know exactly what you’re paying.  We won't make you pay extra for things like repainting of the bumper and car wash because this is usually included in the repair. 

To learn more about us at Village Auto Body or for more information about bumper repair in Bergen county, NJ, please call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our technicians will be ready top speak to you. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Honda & Acura Certified Repair Shop

One aspect of owning a car that you cannot avoid is the auto repair. Although many car dealerships encourage car owners to retain the car to the dealership for repairs and maintenance, it is not necessary. An independent repair shop such as ours at Village Auto Body can handle the same work the dealership would be doing. Here are just a few benefits you get from bringing your car to our Honda and Acura certified repair shop

Honda & Acura Certified Repair Shop 
While going to a dealership means your car being fixed on time at an extra fee, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same service and even better at our Honda repair shop. More expensive doesn’t always guarantee you better services, we can offer quality maintenance and repair services at an affordable fee. We are committed to providing quality services and honesty.

Expertise and skills
We are equipped with modern tools and have access to bulletins about all the Honda and Acura car models. Also, we have high-quality spare parts for your vehicle. Since we employ certified individuals and make sure they have the needed skill to provide repair and maintenance services, it ensures our customer's professional services anytime they bring in their automobiles. The service technicians have years of experience and go for regular training to stay abreast with the latest computerized systems bad vehicle technology.
Honda & Acura Certified Repair Shop 

At Village Auto Body, we have schedules that are convenient to our clients. This means appointments with our employees can be scheduled according to our customer availability. Our Acura repair shop is committed to offering quality repair and maintaining service on a schedule that works for you.

Personal attention
It is very rare for car owners and mechanics to interact at a car dealership shop. Most people who take their automobiles to a car dealership for maintenance and repair end up speaking with the salesperson instead of the person who handles their vehicles. At Honda and Acura repair shop, you a chance to develop a relationship with the person who offers your repair and maintenance services. We at Village Auto Body focus on offering services to the maximum customer satisfaction.

During the time you bring your car for maintenance and repair service at our auto body shop, we provide the same quality services that can be found at the dealership. Honda and Acura require quality and unique services, and that’s what we will provide for you, quality and unique services.

To learn more about our Honda and Acura certified repair shop, please call us at 201-251-9195. One of our technicians will be happy to speak to you. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Car Painting Bergen County, NJ

Painting a car restores the look of the vehicle and is one of the milestones in restoring your car. Painting is normally done by professional painters an auto body shop, as the work requires special equipment and safety procedures. We at Village Auto Body, have been car painting Bergen county NJ for many years. And today we would like to introduce you to the process of professional car painting.

Car Painting Bergen County, NJ 
There are different kinds of paint in the market. The most common are acrylic enamel or acrylic lacquer. These two replicate the original finish done at the factory. There are also urethanes, base coat or clear coat finishes that are known for their durability. It is important to ask the kind of paint that will be used on your vehicle at the auto body shop. 

The process of painting your car starts with hosing down the whole vehicle. The professionals do this to get rid of any dirt and smudges on the surface of the car.

A power sander is then used to strip the old paint away. It does this in circular motions. Most of the corners are tricky areas where the technicians use manual sand paper to avoid damaging the lights, the windshield, and the windows. After sanding, all dust, debris and the remnants of the sandpaper are wiped down. These particles usually cause imperfections in the paint when it is applied to them.  

If your car is not to be painted completely, sanding is only done to the areas that require painting. The rest of the places are then covered out with paper during painting along with the windows, lights, side mirrors, handles, and the windshield.

The first substance to be applied on the car is a coat of the primer mixed with thinners. Two or three coats of the primer are applied to cover the whole surface of the vehicle. It is then given some time to dry. It is powder when dry. 

After the primer has dried up, it is smoothed with sandpaper. Then three to four coats of paint are applied to the car. Other coats may be added after the initial coat dries and the professional painter feels that the car is not properly done. A clear coat lacquer is applied last after the application of the paint. Your car is then buffed with a soft buffer to give it the final finish.

At Village Auto Body we have been providing car painting Bergen county NJ for over 25 years and have satisfied many clients in those years. On our team we only have qualified professionals that have been formally trained and who are highly skilled and experienced.

To learn more about our car painting in Bergen county NJ, please call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our auto body technicians will be happy to speak with you. 


Monday, March 20, 2017

Car Mechanic Bergen County, NJ

Your car can be an important item in your life. For many, a car can be a very personal item that is highly valued. We at Village Auto Body are car mechanics in Bergen county NJ who have been putting many hours of honest and quality work into every car we have been trusted with for over 25 years.

If you are looking for a car mechanic that can repair your car, or you just want thorough servicing, we are here for you. Whether it is regular maintenance or a one-time job, we can assure you of utmost customer service and satisfaction.
Car Mechanic Bergen County, NJ 

Maintaining your car does not have to be expensive or stressful. Furthermore, your car shouldn’t be sitting in the garage accumulating dust when it could be out on the road taking you on that trip to your desired destination.

We are a mechanic car shop that provides not only a range of services but also quality service. Our services include:
  1.        Regular maintenance. We are involved in regular maintenance of any car make. Our in-house team is highly qualified to give your car a thorough servicing.
  2.       Automobile repairs. We also engage in automobile repairs ranging from engine problems, to replacing faulty parts with genuine spare parts and general repairs. You can be assured that your car will leave our shop in a far better condition than it was when you brought it in.
  3.        Affordable and excellent service delivery. Excellent service delivery does not need to cost an arm and leg. With us as your car mechanic, you can be sure of excellent service delivery without breaking the bank. Our services are easy to afford and will give you full value for your money.
We are here to serve all your car needs. Our business exists to make you happy and we can only do that when you bring your car to us. To learn more about our specific services or for more information about our car mechanic in Bergen county NJ please call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our experienced mechanics at Village Auto Body will be happy to help you. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Suspension Repair Bergen County NJ

Today we at Village Auto Body would like to discuss the importance of your car’s suspension and suspension repair in Bergen county NJ.

Do you know that the proper functioning of your steering depends on the quality and performance of your suspension components? How often do you inspect or carry out routine maintenance as well as front end alignment services? Are you aware that will keep your ride smooth and help your vehicle operate in top condition?

The suspension system assists you to remain in control whenever you're on the road. It maximizes the friction between your car tires and the road surface thereby offering stability for the steering coupled with an excellent handling that ensures the comfort of those in your vehicle. It's important to service your suspension system because if you don't, you might not enjoy your ride on the road.

How the Suspension System Functions

Suspension Repair Bergen County NJ 

Your car's suspension system is built to provide you with a relaxed ride while maintaining a perfect driving control. Each suspension system is unique, but they all have coil and leaf springs, frame or chassis, anti-sway/torsion bars and dampeners (including struts and shock absorbers). Whenever your car accelerates, the consequential bumps make its forward energy to be converted into a vertical energy. It's this vertical energy that travels through your vehicle's frame. Hence, without the leaf springs and coil to absorb this energy, the vertical power would make your car jump off the road, thereby reducing tire friction and grip. This scenario makes your ride to be uncomfortable and also puts your life at risk.

How we can help

We at Village Auto Body can help ascertain your safety by keeping your suspension system up to every challenge that your movement on the road might bring. Some of the warning signs include Fluid leaking out of the shock or strut body; dent or damage to the shock or strut bodies; Bushings or mounts or bushings being broken or worn out; cupped, uneven tire wear; and Vehicle swaying or leaning on turning. Others include nose diving of vehicle upon application of brakes; Excessive bouncing after hitting a road bump; harsh, bumpy or shaky ride; and a stiff or noisy steering.

The above warning signs all indicate that the shocks and struts are becoming worn out. These shocks and struts are essential components of the suspension system, and their wear and tear can have a toll on the road worthiness of your vehicle and stopping distance. Hence, a vital suspension repair service is needed at this juncture to bring back your vehicle's suspension system to life.

Our specialists know when it’s time for new shocks and struts and our suspension repair package is quite affordable. The package includes the evaluation of the suspension components as performed by our ASE certified technicians and the provision of a list of suspension repair recommendations alongside their service costs. Our suspension repair prices are pocket-friendly enough to spring up your steps and we only use high quality parts that are specified for your vehicles as customer satisfaction is our priority.

To learn more about our suspension repair in Bergen county NJ, call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our suspension repair experts will be ready to help you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Auto Body Repair in Bergen County NJ

A car accident is unexpected and it is a fact of life that accidents will happen to a car driver at one point or another. Some accidents are routine and minor such that a simple auto body repair job can fix the damage with little hassle. Bergen county is a great place to live, and given the immense population, thousands feel this way too. But as always with more people come more chances for accidents. For auto body repair in Bergen county NJ, we’re right here for you in Ridgewood. We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years. As experts in auto body repair, we notice common forms of damage that require our assistance at Village Auto Body to repair. On today’s blog, we’d like to discuss common repairs we take care of on a regular basis and the likelihood of having it covered by insurance.

Windshield damage
The windshield is at risk of damage from rocks, vandalism, bad weather, falling debris, flying birds and so much more. It also obscures the view of the road. It will also get you on the wrong side of the law. A cracked windshield is a hazard as it can easily shatter from further damage from a collision. Most customers will come in for windshield repair from damage caused by fine stone chips thrown from the wheels of cars in front.  The cost of repair may vary depending on the extent of damage, or it may be necessary to replace the entire windshield.

Dented bumper
This is a very common occurrence.  Drivers who are yet to master the art of reverse parking will have a dented bumper at one point or another. It will most likely happen where parking space is cramped and you have to swing the vehicle to and fro to fit into the available slot. The cost of a dented bumper will depend on the severity. Some dents require a simple hammer and paint job, others will require welding and a comprehensive paint job. Collision coverage will usually cover a dented bumper.

Rear and front damage
Auto Body Repair in Bergen County, NJ 
Collisions with other vehicles or objects are the causes of general rear and front damage. This will include a dented bumper and damaged lights in the rear. Front damage will also often include front lights, a crumpled engine hood, and cracked radiator.   We see more rear end collisions than front end damage, again due to poor estimation of distances while backing up. Collision coverage will cover both rear and front damage.

Scratched paint
This is also common. This is typically caused by children running sharp objects on the paint, malicious vandals, side to side collisions and scratching when doing flush parking.  Some scratches will only require a touch-up pen while other will require repainting the whole car. 

To learn more about Village Auto Body or about our auto body repair in Bergen county, NJ, please call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our experts will be happy to speak to you.