Monday, March 27, 2017

Car Painting Bergen County, NJ

Painting a car restores the look of the vehicle and is one of the milestones in restoring your car. Painting is normally done by professional painters an auto body shop, as the work requires special equipment and safety procedures. We at Village Auto Body, have been car painting Bergen county NJ for many years. And today we would like to introduce you to the process of professional car painting.

Car Painting Bergen County, NJ 
There are different kinds of paint in the market. The most common are acrylic enamel or acrylic lacquer. These two replicate the original finish done at the factory. There are also urethanes, base coat or clear coat finishes that are known for their durability. It is important to ask the kind of paint that will be used on your vehicle at the auto body shop. 

The process of painting your car starts with hosing down the whole vehicle. The professionals do this to get rid of any dirt and smudges on the surface of the car.

A power sander is then used to strip the old paint away. It does this in circular motions. Most of the corners are tricky areas where the technicians use manual sand paper to avoid damaging the lights, the windshield, and the windows. After sanding, all dust, debris and the remnants of the sandpaper are wiped down. These particles usually cause imperfections in the paint when it is applied to them.  

If your car is not to be painted completely, sanding is only done to the areas that require painting. The rest of the places are then covered out with paper during painting along with the windows, lights, side mirrors, handles, and the windshield.

The first substance to be applied on the car is a coat of the primer mixed with thinners. Two or three coats of the primer are applied to cover the whole surface of the vehicle. It is then given some time to dry. It is powder when dry. 

After the primer has dried up, it is smoothed with sandpaper. Then three to four coats of paint are applied to the car. Other coats may be added after the initial coat dries and the professional painter feels that the car is not properly done. A clear coat lacquer is applied last after the application of the paint. Your car is then buffed with a soft buffer to give it the final finish.

At Village Auto Body we have been providing car painting Bergen county NJ for over 25 years and have satisfied many clients in those years. On our team we only have qualified professionals that have been formally trained and who are highly skilled and experienced.

To learn more about our car painting in Bergen county NJ, please call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our auto body technicians will be happy to speak with you. 


Monday, March 20, 2017

Car Mechanic Bergen County, NJ

Your car can be an important item in your life. For many, a car can be a very personal item that is highly valued. We at Village Auto Body are car mechanics in Bergen county NJ who have been putting many hours of honest and quality work into every car we have been trusted with for over 25 years.

If you are looking for a car mechanic that can repair your car, or you just want thorough servicing, we are here for you. Whether it is regular maintenance or a one-time job, we can assure you of utmost customer service and satisfaction.
Car Mechanic Bergen County, NJ 

Maintaining your car does not have to be expensive or stressful. Furthermore, your car shouldn’t be sitting in the garage accumulating dust when it could be out on the road taking you on that trip to your desired destination.

We are a mechanic car shop that provides not only a range of services but also quality service. Our services include:
  1.        Regular maintenance. We are involved in regular maintenance of any car make. Our in-house team is highly qualified to give your car a thorough servicing.
  2.       Automobile repairs. We also engage in automobile repairs ranging from engine problems, to replacing faulty parts with genuine spare parts and general repairs. You can be assured that your car will leave our shop in a far better condition than it was when you brought it in.
  3.        Affordable and excellent service delivery. Excellent service delivery does not need to cost an arm and leg. With us as your car mechanic, you can be sure of excellent service delivery without breaking the bank. Our services are easy to afford and will give you full value for your money.
We are here to serve all your car needs. Our business exists to make you happy and we can only do that when you bring your car to us. To learn more about our specific services or for more information about our car mechanic in Bergen county NJ please call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our experienced mechanics at Village Auto Body will be happy to help you. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Suspension Repair Bergen County NJ

Today we at Village Auto Body would like to discuss the importance of your car’s suspension and suspension repair in Bergen county NJ.

Do you know that the proper functioning of your steering depends on the quality and performance of your suspension components? How often do you inspect or carry out routine maintenance as well as front end alignment services? Are you aware that will keep your ride smooth and help your vehicle operate in top condition?

The suspension system assists you to remain in control whenever you're on the road. It maximizes the friction between your car tires and the road surface thereby offering stability for the steering coupled with an excellent handling that ensures the comfort of those in your vehicle. It's important to service your suspension system because if you don't, you might not enjoy your ride on the road.

How the Suspension System Functions

Suspension Repair Bergen County NJ 

Your car's suspension system is built to provide you with a relaxed ride while maintaining a perfect driving control. Each suspension system is unique, but they all have coil and leaf springs, frame or chassis, anti-sway/torsion bars and dampeners (including struts and shock absorbers). Whenever your car accelerates, the consequential bumps make its forward energy to be converted into a vertical energy. It's this vertical energy that travels through your vehicle's frame. Hence, without the leaf springs and coil to absorb this energy, the vertical power would make your car jump off the road, thereby reducing tire friction and grip. This scenario makes your ride to be uncomfortable and also puts your life at risk.

How we can help

We at Village Auto Body can help ascertain your safety by keeping your suspension system up to every challenge that your movement on the road might bring. Some of the warning signs include Fluid leaking out of the shock or strut body; dent or damage to the shock or strut bodies; Bushings or mounts or bushings being broken or worn out; cupped, uneven tire wear; and Vehicle swaying or leaning on turning. Others include nose diving of vehicle upon application of brakes; Excessive bouncing after hitting a road bump; harsh, bumpy or shaky ride; and a stiff or noisy steering.

The above warning signs all indicate that the shocks and struts are becoming worn out. These shocks and struts are essential components of the suspension system, and their wear and tear can have a toll on the road worthiness of your vehicle and stopping distance. Hence, a vital suspension repair service is needed at this juncture to bring back your vehicle's suspension system to life.

Our specialists know when it’s time for new shocks and struts and our suspension repair package is quite affordable. The package includes the evaluation of the suspension components as performed by our ASE certified technicians and the provision of a list of suspension repair recommendations alongside their service costs. Our suspension repair prices are pocket-friendly enough to spring up your steps and we only use high quality parts that are specified for your vehicles as customer satisfaction is our priority.

To learn more about our suspension repair in Bergen county NJ, call us today at 201-251-9195. One of our suspension repair experts will be ready to help you.